Cyrils House Of Horrors

Beware the Master of the House!!!!

It T'was a terrible thing that Cyril had done.

Those poor childern did not stand a chance.... so much blood. It was enough to bring strong men to their knees when they entered the House.

Nobody figured out the was just easier to forget what had happened ,demolish the house and burn the debris and bury them in the large pit.

Several years later The National B.P.O.E bought the land and the Roseburg Elks Lodge rose from the ground over the very same spot.

For several decades nothing happen,but then around 2010 The Elks Lodge decided to hold a fundraiser.... A Haunted House  as it were.    MISTAKE!!!!

Something has been reborn in the ballroom , the faint childs laughter....the screams......the moans........the Strange happenings.

Every year it culminates during  late October when the Haunted House takes place.

If you and yours are brave enough , come see what takes place at

Cyrils House of Horrors.







The goal of the Roseburg Fright Club is, and will always be, to help youth and their families in Douglas County.  We have teamed with the Roseburg Elks Lodge #306 for the past several years to assist them in raising funds for their numerous charitable endeavors (Dress a Child, Hoop Shoot, school supplies, eye clinic, etc.). 


A HUGE Thank you to all of those who visited our haunt this past year. We raised a record amount for the Elks Lodge and the many charitable causes they help with every year. ($25,00.00 since 2010)









Bring Your Fears...We're Hungry!!!!





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