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Roseburg Fright Club

Cyrils House Of Horrors

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Annual haunted house put on by The Roseburg Fright Club is an all volunteer group, interested in helping the youth in our area.....

Many of the folks involved in this nomadic haunt have been around for centuries.... Err since 1993. From our humble beginnings at Eastwood Elementary School, we have been located all over the greater Roseburg Area. From school gyms to empty warehouses, to the Fairgrounds and now back downtown at the Roseburg Elks Lodge.

Teaming up with the Roseburg Elks served two purposes. One it gave us a permeant home to hold our Haunted House and two it allows us to contribute by raising funds for  the Roseburg Elks Lodge B.P.O.E #326 to help them in their many benovolent causes around  Roseburg and Douglas County.

We have also been involved in taking in canned food donations for UCAN.

Another way Roseburg Fright Club assists the youth in our area is by encouraging the local high schools to be involved to occur the required community service hours for graduation, clubs and other organizations, or for their college applications.

Come visit if you dare!!!!!


“This place is Hell’s waiting room.”

Cyrils House of Horrors

Meeting at Roseburg Elks Lodge

749 SE Jackson St.

Sept 14th. 6-7:30. This is the last meeting, before we start to build the

maze on Oct 7th 

If you are planning on helping build or Act in the Haunt in 2023 you presents is required unless prior arrangements have been made.

You are subject to background checks!

If you are under 18 years of age, please have Parent or Guardian with you..

5417848430 with Questions...leave a message!!!! Big changes this year!!!!

We need volunteers to help Set up, Decorate, Actors and Backstage help. for

Fairview Manor

Where Cyril and Stabbys Nightmares began.

Please share to your friends!!!

Stabby's Waiting!!!

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